New Home Loan

New Home – Buying or Building?

So you’re moving on and though you’re excited about the new house and neighbourhood, the thing you’re thinking about most is the actual move. And it’s more dreading than thinking. Moving into your second, third or fourth house just doesn’t have the romanticism that buying your first home has. You’ve been on the home loan roundabout a number of times too so you might be a bit of an old hat at it. Hopefully we’ll be able to show a couple of things that might be new to you and make sure that your loan structure is designed in a way that will allow you maximum benefit. At the very least, we’ll be able to take care of all the finance leg work while you focus on the dozens of other things you need to organise. We’re here to help.


If you are upgrading then it’s quite likely that you will be increasing your debt. Whenever you increase your debt, it’s important that you review your whole financial set up to make sure you are not exposing yourself to any dangers that may not have been present before. What are your new repayments going to be? How will that affect your current cash flow? What are your contingency plans for unexpected illness or unemployment? Have you updated your will? These are just a few of the many questions we ask to make sure you are prepared for every eventuality.


Hopefully this means you will be downsizing your mortgage too. Hopefully it also means that you will be able to be debt free much sooner. Let us help you achieve this goal as quickly as you can.

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