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Mortgage Brokers

Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing, building, investing or expanding your business, if you need to borrow money, then a Pandanus Finance mortgage broker is someone to have in your corner. We’ll compare lenders and explain the features you need and the ones you don’t. Our job is to look after your application from beginning to end so you don’t have to.


Learn the Home Loan Hacks that can help you smash out your debt way faster than the banks want you to.
This is the part we love. We help people get into debt, but our passion is helping them get out of debt. We teach our clients how they can flip the game on the banks and use the banks’ products in a way that helps them pay off their loan faster, saving money and reducing the loan term by years.

Bank Whisperers

You should never submit a home loan application that is going to get declined. Pretty obvious huh? Unfortunately, thousands of Australians are declined every day because their loan was submitted to the wrong lender. All banks have lending criteria and policies. Our job is to know which banks to send your application to so that it has the greatest chance of being approved the first time.

Solutions for your lending needs

Looking for the right loan?

Home Refinance Debt Consolidation Investment Self Employed Construction

If you are buying, investing or want to refinance.



We help families like yours!

As a first home buyer it is an exciting and sometimes daunting time. Working with us at Pandanus Finance, we take the ‘daunting’ part out.

Why choose Pandanus Finance


Major focus on not just getting our clients a great loan, but teaching them how they can use it to pay off their debt faster.


We do the legwork and sit on hold to the banks so you don’t have to.


Don’t call the help line, call me – your one contact for the whole process.


All commissions fully disclosed.

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